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Hey oh 🙋‍♂️

Do me a favor right quick…

Close your eyes (wait this doesn’t work because you’re supposed to be reading this).

Open your eyes back up for me.

There… that’s better.

So with your eyes fully open as you continue to read these words...

Imagine that you hop into the DeLorean from Back To The Future and you punch in the date for one short year into the Future (thank god 2020 is over, right?)

You obviously drive straight to your home and take a peek at what’s going in your life.


A little nervous at first, you peek into your bedroom window and you see yourself standing there naked 🙈

As you peel your hands from your eyes, your jaw nearly hits the floor…


Because your future self is actually in the best shape of your life.

You start checking yourself out… I mean, you’re even kind of getting turned on 😅

Your future self is standing there with all the confidence in the world as they look in the mirror.

Full of energy and a giant smile on their face they look really…


Your present self starts feeling a little sad and you even say to yourself…

“I sure wish I looked and felt like tha…”

Then it hits you.

Wait a minute, that’s me!

I look like that!

🙌 I’m in the best shape of my life
👊 I have loads of confidence
😃 I look happy

You start to wonder... 🤔

“What the hell happened?”

“What did I do in the past year?”

“What changed for me to look and feel like this?”

You then hear Doc Brown call out your name and exclaim…


And just like that your stunning future self vanishes from your sight as you head back to the DeLorean and into the current hell of what’s known as the year 2020.

As you sit and ponder what the next year has in store for you…


You get sad… and you get sad fast 😔

Clearly your future self has changed a lot of the things that you’re doing right now.

And that change is a little scary.

You realize your future self probably started…

🏋️‍♀️ Exercising more
🥗 Eating healthier
🧊 Drinking more water

You think to yourself, “But I’ve tried all of those things in the past and they haven’t really worked?”

What’s changed!?!?

Then you say to yourself...

Maybe you tried something new that you haven’t heard of yet?
Maybe you finally overcame some of the challenges in your life preventing you from changing in the past?
Maybe you used your crazy busy schedule or your kids as a reason rather than an excuse as to why you needed to change?
Maybe you made a commitment and were able to stick to it?
Maybe you asked for REAL help, and stopped trying to make all the changes on your own?
Maybe you invested in yourself and the help of a real professional?
Maybe you made the best decision of your life!

If you aren’t quite ready to transform your body and feel more in control of your life I completely understand.

It’s actually normal to be a bit hesitant.

If that sounds like you, do me a quick favor and

See what some of our clients are saying...

Drew Trowbridge


Hey 😊

I’m Doc Bruno and I created P2Fitness with the simple mission to help you…

💪 Transform Your Body
⏰ Create Extra Time In Your Schedule
💸 And Earn More Money

💪 Transform Your Body
⏰ Create Extra Time In Your Schedule
💸 And Earn More Money


This definitely isn’t your average “weight loss” or “fitness” program.

Will you lose weight… Yes, absolutely!

Will you have electric like energy… You know it!

Will you love the way you look… No doubt about it, baby!

Will you feel happier… so much happier 😃

But at the end of the day - what’s the point of getting in shape if you have to spend all of your time exercising and learning a new & confusing diet?

Or worse - you end up back where you started after just a few months because you won’t have the time to keep up with it.

That’s where we come in.

Rather than giving you another “quick fix” solution, we work with you to build a Personalized Program that not only helps you transform your body...

But one that creates MORE Time in your schedule and allows you to earn MORE Money so you can finally start feeling in control of your life 😊

How’s that possible?


If you ever tried losing weight or getting in shape but you’ve had thoughts like...

  • What workouts should I do?
  • How do I do the workouts?
  • When should I workout?
  • I can’t go to the gym, is working out even going to be worth it?
  • What should I eat?
  • When should I eat?
  • Do I need to cut carbs?
  • Do I need to stop drinking alcohol?
  • Can I actually get the results I want?
  • I’m pretty busy and don’t have a lot of time to workout.
  • I’m pretty busy and don’t have to cook.

Don’t worry cause we answer all of those questions for you!

With your very own Personalized Nutrition Plan you’ll never have to guess on what you need to eat. You’ll have food you love without the food you hate scientifically engineered to give you the results you want.

With your very own Personalized Exercise Plan you'll know when and how often you need to workout. The exact moves you need to do. And it will be built precisely for you and your busy schedule. In the end, you will never waste time on exercises that won’t get you results!

Or if you’ve had these challenges...

  • You’ve tried getting in shape where you do good for a while and then fall off track.
  • You just feel alone and want support so you don’t fall off track.
  • You need someone to guide and help you to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • You’ve tried things like this in the past but they just didn’t work for you.

One-on-One Support From Doc B and the P2Fitness Family give you love and support every second, every minute, and every day so you NEVER feel alone on your journey!

And don’t forget your Program will be designed by Doc B… a board certified and licensed Doctor who has over 15 years of professional experience helping transform the lives of 100s of people who have had the same exact struggles as you!



Rather than spending endless hours exercising and learning a new & confusing diet…

You’ll have a straightforward and clean path to transform your body.

Meaning none of your time will be wasted.

And as you start with your Program, you’ll realize that some of your time is probably being mis-used right now.


Specifically, if you’re not fueling your body with the proper foods you probably feel bloated and fatigued (you know exactly what I’m talking about) - which only causes your productivity to nose dive as your ability to focus vanishes.

With the proper foods going into your body every meal - and every single day - your focus and productivity will begin to rise allowing you to literally get more work done in less time.

Let’s not forget that when you’re exercising properly your brain will release BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) which will cause the connections in your brain to fire more quickly and efficiently.

This leads to you being able to process and comprehend information more quickly - in short, exercise literally makes you smarter.


And your hormones will start to normalize too during this process, specifically Cortisol.

When your Cortisol levels are in the correct spot your body will naturally fall asleep on time rather than binging on Netflix as you lie wide awake in bed.

With some good sleep you’ll wake up energized, focused, and ready to crush the day.

That means no wasting your time trying to shake off that morning mental fog.

In short, no wasting time on things that won’t work while your new and exciting lifestyle not only transforms how you look but literally adds more time to your schedule!


Getting in shape will literally allow you to earn more money.

Seems crazy at first I know.

But hear me out.

Because right now I’m sure you’re not happy with how you look.

And even though you try to ignore it.


Deep down inside it still bothers you… and it’s ALWAYS there.

  • You might avoid the mirror.
  • You might struggle to find the right clothes that you just look decent in.
  • You might avoid taking pictures or turning on your video for Zoom calls.

Now imagine all of those problems were completely gone.

  • Imagine you look in the mirror every morning and are pumped at what you see.
  • Imagine you look amazing in anything you wear.
  • Imagine that you loved taking pictures and showing your face on zoom calls.

How much happier would you be?

Way happier I bet!

When you’re happier you and I both know you perform better work.

When you’re happier you come up with better ideas, you work harder, you work more efficiently.

When that happens… yep you guessed… you can advance in your career and earn more money $$$

Which will give you another tool to start taking control of your life!



I wanna be honest really quick…

Because changing anything in your life is going to take some work.

And if you’re transforming your body, creating more time in your schedule, and earning more money it’s not necessarily going to be easy.

I’m sure you’re busy as it is right now so that’s why I want to make any of these changes as simple as possible.

  • What are the best workouts for you to do?
  • When should you be working out?
  • How do you actually do each exercise?
  • What’s the best diet for you to do?
  • What are the best foods for you to eat?
  • What if you “cheat” on your diet?
  • What happens if you’re traveling or going on a trip?
  • What do you do if you’re really busy and go off track?

All of these questions are outlined specifically for you and your unique situation.

There is absolutely zero guessing or wondering on your part.

So any work that you put in WILL get you results.

No more wasting your hard work and more importantly no more wasting your time either!


Now you may be thinking that everything would just be easier and better if you got
a personal trainer.

But if any of these don’t sound appealing to you and your valuable time then it’s probably not a great idea for you...

Because you have to workout based on your trainer’s schedule.

You have to spend time preparing and traveling to the gym.

You have to spend time traveling back from the gym.

If you’re already pretty busy and saving time is important to you then it’s not a good idea.

And if you don’t really like gyms (lots of sweaty people, sweaty equipment, and germs) then it’s definitely not a good idea.

And even if you’re cool with all of those things, what if your trainer isn’t even that good?

I mean, no offense but I’m a Doctor… I guarantee your trainer can’t say that.

And let’s not forget about your diet.

Because exercise is great but even the best workout is pointless unless your diet is lined up with the exercises you’re doing.

And in case you didn’t know, hiring a personal trainer gets REALLY expensive REALLY fast.

The average rate for a personal trainer is $80 per hour (and good ones charge much more), so you’re paying at least $320 per week or $1,280 per month.

That means you’d be spending over $3,800 for your first three months, and that doesn’t include if you want help with your diet.

And, there’s even more bad news...

After spending all that money AND time, AND following through with it all.

There's a VERY good chance you'll end up like the rest of their clients: completely disappointed that you look the same as when you started.


And the coolest thing...

It's a fraction of the cost of your local and quite frankly average personal trainer.




Change Nothing

I know you don’t want this. I know you want to look better. I know you want to feel better. But I understand because it can be scary. Search deep down inside and I’m sure you know that you’re capable of so much more.


Try To Change On Your Own

You’re already busy as all heck. You’ve tried doing this before on your own and you know where it leads. You’ve tried downloading a plan from google. You’ve told yourself time and time again that this is the day that you’ll commit and it’ll ALL be different but you always end up in the same place… exactly where you are right now.


Let Doc B and P2Fitness Help You

This is all that we do. Help people just like you make these changes that they’ve struggled to make time and time again. We know exactly what you’re going through and the challenges that you have. Let’s do this - and make this the best decision of your life!