What Story Do You Keep Telling Yourself

Have big goals but can’t seem to reach ‘em?


-You’re too old

-You waited too long

-You don’t know how to get there

Sound familiar???

I know I’ve been there.

Telling myself the same old story.

As to why I’ll never get to where I want to go.

To be honest:

We all have that inner dialogue.

One we retreat to when negative things happen…

That support isn’t meant to achieve great things.

So how can you overcome that old story that’s holding you back?

First, realize that story is the OLD you.

Who wasn’t sure of what they wanted in this life.

Second, understand that you’re in control of your future.

You’re in control of how your story unfolds.

So rather than worrying about how things used to be.

Focus on how things are going to be.