The Ultimate On-The-Go EXERCISE ROUTINE For Busy Professionals

Using your lack of equipment at home to skip your exercise and stay overweight?

Let me guess…

You’re sick of being stuck inside and you know you should still be exercising.

You’re worried that you don’t even have the right equipment at home to even make it worth it. 

Getting in shape is impossible without access to a gym so why even try.

And I understand.

Because I’ve felt the same way. 

Truth is: 

During this pandemic, no one has access to a gym.

But that doesn’t give you permission to ignore your health.

So I created this simple to follow workout you can do anywhere.

Do 10 reps of each move 3 times – 

Single-Leg Bridge:

Follow the steps for a bridge, but lift one foot off the ground while keeping your leg bent for an intermediate challenge.


Imagine you’re sitting down in a chair by hinging at the hips and pushing your bottom back.


Assume a high plank position and complete the pushup in the same way, allowing your elbows to flare out at a 45-degree angle.

Walking Lunge:

Start with your feet together and step forward, lunging with your right leg. Stand up, then repeat with your left.

Kneeling Side Plank w/ Hip Abd:

Assume a kneeling side plank, then lift the free leg up, pause, and lower it back down. Repeat on both sides.

And let me know in the comments which move was your favorite!

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