The Doc’s Orders To Enjoy Family Dinners and Lose Weight

𝙀𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙛𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙙𝙞𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙉𝙀𝙑𝙀𝙍 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙠𝙨 𝙤𝙪𝙩. 

You know what I’m talking about.

You’re absolutely killing your diet.

You’re dropping pounds weeks after week. 

But then right when you’re in a groove you’re invited to a family dinner. 

Where ALL the bad foods and drinks will be shoved in your face. 

And if you refuse to eat with everyone else?

Well you’ll be scolded and reminded that you don’t need to diet…

They’ll say “You’re fine just the way you are.”

So rather than hurting your family’s feelings you give in.

And you take it too far and eat way more than you intend to. 

Only to feel bloated and full of regret when it’s over. 

You see, my client Ralf is a lot like you. 

With a Mother that’s an amazing cook and a guilt trip to match – he would always fall off track when he went on his monthly visit.  

Fortunately, I taught Ralf how to fully enjoy his family visits. 

To have all that good food while still losing weight.




So rather than having to come back and “restart” his diet come Monday morning…

He’s actually able to take steps forward on his weight loss journey while having a blast as well. 

Wondering what he does?

Take a peek at today’s video to find out 😀

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