Should You Hire A Personal Trainer To Get In Shape?

It sounds great in theory…

That is, getting a personal trainer to force you to workout and change your bad health habits.

But if any of these things don’t sound appealing to you and your most valuable resource – your time, then it’s probably not a great idea for you because…

⏰  You have to spend time preparing and traveling to the gym

😬  You have to workout based on your trainer’s schedule

🙈  You have to spend time traveling back from the gym

If you’re already pretty busy and saving time is important to you then it’s not a good idea.

And if you’re not really fond of gyms (sweaty people, sweaty equipment, and germs) then it’s definitely not a good idea. 


Even if you’re cool with all of those things, what if your trainer isn’t even that good?

I mean, no offense, there are some amazing trainers out there but I’m a Doctor 🤓… I guarantee your potential trainer can’t say that. 

And let’s not forget about your diet.

Because exercise is great but you and I both know the best workout plan is completely useless unless your diet is lined up with the exercises you’re doing. 

And in case you didn’t know, hiring a personal trainer gets REALLY expensive REALLY fast.

The average rate for a personal trainer is $80 per hour (and a good one – which I’m sure you want – charges much more), so you’re paying at least $320 per week or $1,280 per month.

That means you’d be spending over $3,800 for your first three months, and that doesn’t include if you want help with your diet. 


And, there’s even more bad news…

After spending all that money AND all that time, AND following through with it all.

There’s a VERY good chance you’ll end up like the rest of their clients: completely disappointed that you look the same as when you started. 

That’s actually why I created my business – P2Fitness in the first place… so I can give you the experience and more importantly the results I wish I would’ve had. 

One that will allow you to lose weight and transform your body without wasting your most valuable resource – your time!

And the coolest thing…

It’s a fraction of the cost of your local and quite frankly average personal trainer.

Lemme know in the comments below if hiring a personal trainer is the right option for you and your busy schedule!

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