Making Your Health a Priority

How many times has your promise fallen through to lose weight?

5 times?

10 times?

Too many times to count?

This may sound familiar…

You eat like crap and don’t exercise all weekend.

Sunday night comes out of nowhere.

You glance in the mirror to see the damage that’s been done.

As you stare at your bulging belly.

You say “ENOUGH”.

You prep. only healthy food.

Vowing to never eat “bad” again.

As you walk into the office you’re greeted by donuts.

Lunch time rolls around with pizza staring back at you in the break room.

Even if you manage to stick to your guns through the temptations.

You’re starved by dinner.

So you eat way more than you should.

I mean it’s not your fault, you tried. 

It’s just not meant to be when everything is against you, right?

So let me ask you…

Do you actually want to be like everyone else?

A bulging belly, rock bottom energy levels, and zero motivation in your life.

Or do you want to be better?

I’m sure you want loads of energy and confidence for days.

And to stand out: 

You NEED to act accordingly.  

You NEED to make your health a priority. 

You NEED to make healthy food choices. 

You NEED to exercise. 

And you NEED to stop letting the opinions of others determine your actions. 

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