How To NEVER FAIL (In Business AND Life)

I started my first business with my best friend…

Like every other entrepreneurial story starts…

We had no clue what we were doing. 

But man did we have a blast. 

We liked board games and we liked the movie Inception (if you haven’t seen it… you need to ASAP).

So we looked at each other when we were out to eat one day and told each other…


And so the journey began…

Where we actually did everything completely backwards. 

We designed the board on giant construction paper.

Designed all the game pieces.

Designed all the artwork.

And then realized we didn’t even have any rules or an actual game to play lol.

Fortunately, we were able to figure that part out with what we had built. 

Once we had a killer prototype built we were able to shoot some promo videos.

Kickstarter was our platform for launch and we raised 60K all in a couple weeks…

With a board game that two jocks had put together with big dreams and duct tape.

We had it all figured out.

Or so we thought…