How To Lose 10 Lbs In 30 Days While Stuck In Quarantine

In case you missed it…

This whole social distancing thing sucks. 

Being stuck inside with no where to go is the worst.

It’s also the perfect recipe to over eat and watch Netflix until the electricity runs out.

But that doesn’t give you the excuse to eat whatever you want and ignore your health.

Because things will go back to normal.

When we come out the other side there will be two types of people who emerge:

  • Those who let things out of their control influence their actions.
  • Those that took control of the choices they could make

If you’re sick of looking the mirror being disgusted by what you see…

And you want to use this time to finally lose the weight once and for all.

Check out: How You Can Lose 10 Lbs In the Next 30 days During Quarantine

  • You NEED a Plan

Without it…

I guarantee you WILL fail.

Look at your schedule and see where you can fit in 30 mins. of exercise 4 days/wk.

Choose resistance training (bodyweight and resistance bands) over cardio.

This is your go to when wanting to lose body fat and get toned.

  • Don’t Over Do It

You may be tempted to schedule two workouts per day everyday… don’t.

Your body WILL breakdown.

And once things go back to normal there’s no way you can keep up with that unrealistic routine.

Pick 4 days for your workouts so you can continue once things are back to normal.

  • Food Is Your Fuel

Sounds ridiculous, right? 

Well, it’s not. 

You don’t want to slash all of the calories in your life…

Your body needs those for sustained energy and focus.

I mean, who doesn’t like eating anyway?

Lean protein and veggies are great choices to keep you full.

But don’t forget to have some foods you love too.

  • Who’s Got Your Back?

You’re going to want to give up.

You’re going to think it’s not worth it.

Accept it.

Embrace it. 

But make sure…

You have someone on your Team.

Someone to hold you to your word.

Someone to call you out for the promises you made to yourself.

  • Dump The Excuses

This is it.

You’re going to be tired.

You’re going to get hungry.

You’re going to justify wanting to give up.

But I can guarantee you…

Anyone who’s lost a significant amount of weight has never said “It wasn’t worth it.”

The Bottom Line: 

Using this pandemic as your excuse for gaining ten pounds is just another excuse with a new wrapping.

Quit letting your environment and outside influences impact the decisions that will make you happy at the end of the day. 

Remember that you’re the one in control.

And as soon as you take responsibility for your actions.

The more benefits you’ll actually receive.  

And look, you don’t have to be perfect.

All YOU need to do is try your best with the steps that I’ve provided.

Because the truth is, if you don’t change…

Things are going to continue to get worse until something really bad happens.

Comment below and tell me which step was most helpful for you.

Chat Soon,

Dr. Bruno


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