How To Fix Your Back Pain in Under 30 Seconds

Sitting all day giving you back pain?

Some say sitting is the new smoking 🤔.

I wouldn’t go quite that far.

But long bouts of sitting can be the source of your back pain…

And if you’re a grind it out professional you’re an absolute pro at sitting.

➡️ You SIT for breakfast

➡️ You SIT in your car

➡️ You SIT at your desk

➡️ You SIT at the dinner table

➡️ All to end up….yep you guessed it….to SIT in your favorite chair scrolling through LinkedIn

All of that sitting can put your back into too much lordosis (an arch).

And I’m not blaming you because I do it too.

But the longer and more extreme your arch the more pressure you put on the muscles and bones of your back.

So if you find your back achy and sore after a day of sitting check out today’s video.

It’ll give you the ONE exercise you can use to undo all that pain 🙌