Ferraris and Fat Loss

𝗠𝘆 𝗱𝗮𝗱…

He’s taught me a lot…

Don’t tell him I said that though lol. 

One of those things is my love of cars.

I’ve been around them ever since I can remember. 

He would spend ALL day (still does) locked in his garage working away on his latest project.  

My mom still can’t get him in for dinner on time even after 40 years of trying 😂

He’s had some gorgeous cars: 

✅ ‘66 Midnight Blue Mustang Coupe

✅ ‘73 Grabber Blue Mustang Convertible

✅ ‘52 Maroon MGTD

And they are always the talk of the show.

Fortunately, he built a car for me too 😊  

An ‘88 Mustang that was in real rough shape when we got it.

Unsightly rust covered it as it sputtered down the road.

He taught me a lot during the rebuild. 

Body work, engine maintenance, braking… just about anything you can think of.  

And one of the coolest things he taught me…

Well you’ll have to watch today’s video to find out. 

You’ll be surprised what it is 👇👇👇

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