Exercise Your Way To More Cash

Getting in shape will in fact allow you to earn more $$$

Now the steps tracked on ur smartwatch won’t directly deposit money into your bank account, but hear me out.  

Because right now I’m sure you’re not very happy with how you look.

And even though you try your best to shrug it off. 

Deep down inside it bothers you… and let’s not mention the constant moments throughout the day that remind you about it either. 

🙈 Maybe you avoid looking in the mirror. 

🤦‍♂️ Maybe you can’t find clothes that you look just decent in. 

👨‍💻 Maybe you avoid turning on your video for Zoom calls. 

Now imagine if all of those problems were completely gone.

👊 Imagine you look in the mirror every morning and are pumped at what you see.

🤩 Imagine you look amazing in everything you wear.

😃 Imagine that you loved taking pictures and showing your face on zoom calls.

How much happier would you be?

Way happier I bet!

When you’re happier you and I both know you perform better work.

When you’re happier you come up with better ideas, you work harder, you work more efficiently. 

When that happens… yep you guessed… you can level up and earn more money!

And I’d love to know with a quick comment below how you plan on making your physical health a priority to improve your financial health today!