📈7 Science-Backed Ways To Have Electric Like Energy

📈7 Science-Backed “Secrets” For Sky High Energy

1. You Snooze… You Lose

The more you snooze, the more confused your body and brain become. 

“So are we getting up or going back to sleep?”

You’re sending you body mixed messages which will only leave you feeling more out of it even though you spent that extra time in bed. 

2. Get Active

Squats, Push-Ups, Walking… 

Whichever you choose, will kick in your body’s production of the hormone cortisol. 

This will boost your alertness and then have you naturally feeling tired come evening so you can get some quality sleep to crush it the following day. 

3. The Tooth Brush Trick

Did you know it’s impossible to have negative thoughts when you’re actively thinking about positive ones?

You and I both know shit’s going to go wrong during the day, so spend those two minutes while you brush your teeth thinking about all of the things you’re grateful for in this life. 

I guarantee it will get your day off to a stellar start and have you thinking positively rather than negatively. 

4. Eat That Frog

You know that task that you keep putting off. 

The one that’s always in the back of your mind.

You’re not quite sure how to start it…

So you keep waiting to finish it. 

Do that first before anything else. 

5. Remember Your Why

Find a piece of paper.

Think about WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

Write it down.


6. Fuel Yourself Like a High Performance Athlete

It’s no surprise:

What you put in your body has a direct impact on what comes out of it.

Nourish your body properly and watch your energy levels soar. 

7. Plan Your Day the Night BEFORE

The morning or as I call it “magic time” can’t be wasted on planning and making lists. 

It’s likely the only time of day you have all to yourself. 

Make sure you use it wisely. 

Which “secret” was your favorite?

Lemme know below!