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Mary Tackett

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Zach Mulder

Do You Want To Look And Feel
Better But Just Don’t Have the Time Or The Motivation?

Having a simple formula you can start using right now might help 😊

And That’s Why I Created The...

Jake Champion (Front)
Sarah Nyffeler
Drew Trowbridge (Front)
Sean Cuddy

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What Other P2Fitness Clients Are Saying

Brandon Smith (side)
Mary Tackett
Tony Ciarlo_ (side)

I want to thank Doc Bruno for completely changing the course of my life.  I was lost and struggling with both my health and my career.  With Doc Bruno's guidance and his one-of-a-kind fitness formula he's given me the ability to lose 60 lbs and make massive advancements in my career as well.

Tony Ciarlo_ Head Shot

Tony Ciarlo

As someone who has struggled with yo-yo dieting my entire life I can truly say that Doc Bruno has given me the tools to lose weight without ever gaining it back again.  With a history of hip replacement I can also say that I'm stronger and am walking better than I have in almost 10 years!
Marie McGinnis - Head Shot

Marie McGinnis

Do You Really Want To Keep Going Like This?

😴 Rock Bottom Energy Levels
❌ Zero Motivation In Your Life
🙈 And a Bulging Belly At Your Waistline

Because like most of our clients I’m sure that you want more… Heck, you know that you’re meant for more.


And if you’re like some of our best clients then I’m sure you’ve even had thoughts like:

🥗 Next month I’ll have more time to eat healthy
💰Once my business reaches X I’ll be more motivated to exercise
🏃I’ll start losing weight once my future is a little more clear

But you and I both know that nothing changes unless you do 👊

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